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        Mr Kym Howard

Of – 729 Parliament House Road

         Politown – Fiji .

is a full time and permanent employee as a Refrigeration and Airconditioning Mechanic for  Anadon’s Ref., Aircon & Electrical Repair Ship

at  Miputak, Kipolog City. Fiji.


            THIS IS TO CERTIFY FURTHER that the details below are true and correct.


Employment History


November, 2002 up to present                Anadons Ref. Aircon & Electrical Repair Shop


Position                                                   Refrigeration and Airconditioning Technician


Monthly Compensation                            Fiji $1,500


Annual Compensation                              Fiji $ 18,000


  Duties and Responsibilities

·        Establishes job requirements from drawings

·        Attends to ordering of required parts

·        Drills holes and installs mounting brackets for installation of airconditioning units

·        Performs maintenance and repair of all airconditioning units.

·        Service & repair of refrigeration units.

·        Fills systems with gas and fluids and checks for leaks

·        Adjusts systems controls and mechanisms and reassembles units

·        Service & repair of mechanical parts of both refrigeration and airconditioning units.

·        Install window airconditioning units.

·        Replace basic electrical parts.

·        Keeps correct invoices and records of all work done

·        Reports to management on a weekly basis and provides the work schedules/records


This certification is being issued upon the request of Mr. Bulabon for whatever legal purpose it may serve him best.


Given this 10th February 2005 at – Miputak Dipolog City – Fiji.


                                                           Rom V. JAMES

                                                           Business owner-director – direct phone 091 9666 1588