A common requirement for an applicant for migration to Australia is presentation of employment certificates which support statements from the applicants regarding

Employment history and skills obtained. Many of the employment certificates provided by applicants are not acceptable for migration purposes because they are illegible, unintelligible, not signed by an authorized person or impossible to verify.

It is the therefore essential that any employment certificate you present in support of your application have the following characteristics.


  • Thecertificate must be on official letter head of the company or government dept.


  • The letterhead should indicate clearly the full address of the company and any telephone, telex or facsimile numbers.


  • The name and position of the person authorized to sign the employment certificate should be typed or stamped below that persons signature a certificate with an illegible signature will not be accepted.


  • The contact telephone number of the person writing the certificate to be shown.


  • The certificate is to state the exact period of employment and include clearly details of> ** whatever employment, permanent or temporary, and full time or part time. For any periods of part time work, details must be given of the weekly hours and of any variations in hours.

** descriptions of positions held (positions should not be described by generic titles (eg research officer, public servant) but according to the nature of the duties undertaken (eg research chemist, accounts clerk) and of at least the five main duties undertaken.

** annual salary being earned.


  • Also include both an official duty statement for the position/s you have been working in plus an organization chart showing how your position fits into the structure of the company.


  • Recent pay slips (minimum six) from your current employer should also be included.


Employment certificates which do not include sufficient information for the assessing officer to reach a decision on an application will not be accepted. This will cause significant delays in processing your application, as we will have to write to you and advise that your application cannot proceed until we receive acceptable employment certificatres. If you fail to provide such information you application may be refused by the Australian Immigration Department.